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Validate. Launch. Scale

Take your business to new heights in a new country.

What We Do


Market Validation

Strategy Development

Market Launch

Scaling Growth

Research & Validate your assumptions about your Target Market.

Develop a Go-To-Market Strategy to Prepare for a Market Launch.

Develop Pilots, Parters and Clients to Launch Solutions in New Markets

Expand your international venture  through investments and strategic alliances


Agri Launch Base

Launching AgriTech Innovations from across the Globe into the Dynamic and Challenging Indian Agricultural Eco System through Research, Pilots and Partnerships.


Entering a new market often requires a certain degree of customization both on the product/ service features side and on the marketing/ positioning side. We help you validate the market opportunity for the product/ service through thorough assessment, analysis, and powerful insights within the industry.

Scaling Business to Identify best market place and potential country


When you are ready to scale, we help you identify the right partners, facilitate discussions and help close partnership agreements that can facilitate growth. Our network spans various government and private players within our areas of focus. 

Our experienced team is closely related to agricultural lands. Each of our members has hands-on experience in various farming practices, making it easier to approach farms and work with farmers. This enables us to implement your solution on a small scale in different parts of India and identify the potential challenges to entering the larger market. The case studies and reports from the pilots we run for you will provide you with valuable information on product customisation needs, challenges, useful features, and potential pricing strategies. Further, this becomes a powerful addition to your portfolio to build stronger partnerships or raise investments for the next stps.


Target Market for the Business and help in which country best expand

While we direct you to partners who can handle your marketing and business development. It is vital you develop your intellectual property. We bring math and technology capability to augment your teams.

  • Artificial Intelligence and Algorithm Development

Launching your venture in a new country takes careful planning to leverage your precious resources. We help you identify the right market to land your product or service and launch with revenue making opportunities. 

  • Develop a GTM Strategy

We help you hire and manage interns who can help you with various key activities such as market research, marketing or working with clients on implementing your solution locally.

  • Internship Programs

Launching your venture in a new country requires a good understanding of the local business culture. We help Startups bridge this gap so that the focus can remain on core capabilities.

  • International Business Culture


How we support 

Startup Support to international Business to Expand in India. Join internation programs, Develop GTM Strategy, Artificial Intelligences and Algorithm Development

Ready to Launch in a 

Ready for New Country Expansion

Is your Solution a Good Fit for INDIA?

Set up a Free Consultation Call.



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Published on May 24, 2022

Environmental Impact of Electric
Vehicles in the Indian Market

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Published on January 25, 2022

Considerations for Hiring Indian Interns by Foreign Startups


Published on May 24, 2022

Climate Crisis and How Agri-Tech in India Can Help

Transformation through Data Driven Agriculture in India


Published on Sep 07, 2021

Transformation through Data Driven Agriculture in India

Floods in Assam: Causes and Potential Solutions


Published on Oct 28, 2021

Floods in Assam: Causes and Potential Solutions


"I have had the pleasure of closely working with the Global Launch Base resources on several projects and programmes. Apart from having skilled speakers, the team has experience as entrepreneurs and it is always noticeable as they consistently show a proactive attitude and always go the extra mile when working with us."

Emilie Verbunt


Our Clients/ Partners

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We are READY for your International Launch. Are You?

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Validate, Launch and Scale your Venture Internationally.

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